Student Support Faculty

MRS. Kirsten Devlin STEM Magnet Coach

After teaching middle school science for 12 years, Mrs. Devlin found her dream job as the Science Magnet Coach at ESM. This is her third year in Hartford and she finds instilling the passion of science to a wider range of students so refreshing! Over the years, Mrs. Devlin has combined her love of travel to study science in many different ways. Her adventures have brought her to far off places such as Brazil, Bahamas, Vancouver, and Newfoundland, and places closer to home such as Project Oceanology, MIT and Johnson Space Center in Texas.  She has a tie for her favorite experience; swimming with Fin whales in the Atlantic Ocean and riding in NASA's €œVomit Comet to feel microgravity.

Outside of school, she loves spending time with her husband and young son. They spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, biking, and swimming. Mrs. Devlin is also practices yoga and is a certified instructor. This helps keep her balanced in the vortex of family, work and fun.


MRS. Francie Sierra-Re Student Support Coach

Mrs. Sierra-Re is a Student Support Coach at ESM. Although this is her third year at ESM as a coach, Mary Hooker was the first school she taught in as a special education teacher, back when it was a neighborhood school. She enjoys camping, going to the beach, history and listening to music. She also enjoys spending time with her family, which includes six brothers and sisters and eighteen nieces and nephews.


MS. Feltes E.L.L

Mrs. Feltes wanted to be a teacher beginning in Grade Six when she tutored younger children in reading. Although Mrs. Feltes just began at ESM, she can tell how special the school is because of the emphasis on meeting the needs of each child. Mrs. Feltes especially loves the gardening and animal care opportunities. Before working at ESM, Mrs. Feltes taught at West Middle for almost four years and part time at MD Fox for 3 years. Outside of the classroom, Mrs. Feltes loves to garden, travel, attend international events, foster kittens and enjoy her family, both biological and chosen. Mrs. Feltes has lived in seven US states, Thailand and Mexico, andf has traveled to Indonesia, India, Burma, Nepal, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Canada, Scotland and the Caribbean. Mrs. Feltes was a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand and worked in refugee camps in Thailand before that.


Mrs. Parker Special Education

Mrs. Parker is so excited to have begun her teaching career at ESM. She grew up in Connecticut and had some wonderful experiences with many of her elementary school teachers that inspired her to go on and be an educator herself. She graduated from Southern Connecticut State University in 2013 with her Bachelor's in Elementary, Special Education, Psychology, and a minor in Spanish. She worked as a paraprofessional for a year in an ABA classroom and came to realize her passion for working with such a remarkable population. she thinks that ESM is full of wonderful staff and students and is so excited to see what this year has to bring!  In her spare time she likes to travel and spend time with her wonderful fiancè, their beautiful son (A chocolate lab, Casanova), and their amazing families!

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