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STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  STEM schools and programs recognize that the integration and conceptual development of these disciplines are critical for 21st century learners.  While ESM is focused on our theme of environmental sciences, we have a very strong STEM program.  In fact, we have developed a unique e-STEAM (environmental sciences, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) program that offers discrete and integrated experiences for students.  There is an emphasis to interconnect these subjects to help students solve and communicate their understandings of local and global problems and concepts.


All students take discrete courses/electives in: environmental sciences, general science, computer education, pre-engineering/ LEGO robotics, visual/performing arts, and mathematics.  In addition we have many integrated units and experiences that connect our e-STEAM focus.  For example:




EMPTY BOWLS is an interdisciplinary project that connects social studies, science, community service, and art. Students study food deserts, nutrition, and ceramics in order to host an Empty Bowls event where students serve simple, nutritious meals in the ceramic bowls that they have made in order to raise money and awareness to combat hunger within our community.




Seasonal Assemblies occur on or near each equinox or solstice.  Students sing, play instruments, dance, and read poetry at our school wide assemblies as a way to express their understandings of science of seasonal changes. Many of the pieces are written by our students and demonstrate a connection between science, language arts, and performing arts.