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As an integral part of the Mary M. Hooker Environmental Sciences Magnet learning community, we know that you have sent your child to our school because you want the best possible educational experience.

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Our school compact is signed by all students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators.  It is our promise to each other.

As an ESM student I promise to…

  • arrive at school on time, everyday, in uniform, and ready to learn.
  • do all my school work, all my homework, and read every night for at least 20 minutes.
  • cooperate with students, staff, and visitors to make ESM a safe and effective learning environment.
  • use the environmental sciences, problem solving, and critical thinking skills to explore my curiosities about the natural world around me.
  • participate in service learning events.
  • ask for help from an adult when I have a question or a problem.
  • follow HAWKS* school-wide expectations.

As an ESM faculty member I promise to…

  • provide a safe, fair, nurturing learning environment for all.
  • have high expectations for myself, students, parents, community members, and other staff members.
  • communicate effectively with students, parents, staff, and community by responding in a timely fashion to all e-mails, voice mails, notes, and requests.
  • support students’ academic, social, and emotional growth by meeting their individual needs.
  • passionately model and integrate the environmental sciences into all aspects of the students educational experience to improve the natural world around us.
  • practice, teach, and model HAWKS* school-wide expectations.

As an ESM parent or guardian I promise to…

  • attend all school conferences, participate in at least four school events, and one service learning event.
  • send my child to school everyday on time, and in full uniform.
  • support respectful and polite communication among students, faculty, and other parents.
  • support and challenge my child/children daily by monitoring and ensuring that they  have a structured time and place to complete all at-home assignments, including their reading each day.
  • support the environmental theme by exposing my child/children to the natural world and the environmental sciences.
  • practice, review, and model HAWKS* school-wide expectations.

*HAWKS:  Have respect, Act responsibly, Work together, Keep Safe, Soar to success.

Family Service Support Provider:
Our Family Service Support Provider, Doreen Clapis, assists parents and serves as a liaison between the school and family.  She can offer assistance with uniforms, volunteering, attendance, before/afterschool care, and or tutoring.

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