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Parenting Library

ESM has a constantly-growing library of parenting books available to any parent with a student at the school.

You are your child's first teacher : encouraging your child's natural development from birth to age six. 

Presents a comprehensive guide for parents with tips on child development from birth to age six, and includes information on caring for newborns, creative play activities, nourishing the child's imagination, and more.

Nurtureshock : new thinking about children.

Contains ten essays that challenge conventional wisdom about raising children, contending that good intentions in child rearing practices are actually backfiring and discussing topics such as praise, emotional well-being, race, lying, and teen rebellion.

Everyone else's parents said yes. 

Matthew cannot resist the temptation to play practical jokes on his older sister and all the girls in his class at school, so by the time of the big party for his eleventh birthday they have all declared war on him.

The parents' guide to psychological first aid : helping children and adolescents cope with predictable life crises. 

Offers advice for parents for dealing with a variety of emotional stresses that children encounter while growing up, from toilet training to coping with death, including when to intervene and when to seek professional help.

Autism spectrum disorders : what every parent needs to know. 

A guide to autism spectrum disorders in children, providing information on symptoms, accessing care, services in the community, educational resources, treatments, screening tools, and more.

Raising boys with ADHD : secrets for parenting healthy, happy sons. 

Offers parents of children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder practical strategies to help their children cope with the emotional and educational challenges they will face.

Keeping your child in mind : overcoming defiance, tantrums, and other everyday behavior problems by seeing the world through your child's eyes.

Discusses how parents facing their children's behavior problems need to understand, listen, and validate how their child feels and see things in order to enable their child to learn to understand and eventually control themselves.

Bullied : what every parent, teacher, and kid needs to know about ending the cycle of fear. 

A guide for parents, teachers, and children on how to avoid and end bullying.


Examines different aspects of bullying, describing specific steps targets can take to avoid various types of bullying, and provides examples of specific bullying tactics, how people become bullies and victims, proactive methods for handling and overcoming problem situations, including those for bystanders, and more.

The idle parent : why laid-back parents raise happier and healthier kids. 

Tom Hodgkinson gives his opinion on the benefits of being a laid-back parent and offers advice on how to establish a parenting style that allows children to be more independent.

School success for children with special needs : everything you need to know to help your child learn.

Helps parents navigate the special education system in order to provide their special needs child with the developmental and social skills necessary to achieve.

Teach your children well : parenting for authentic success.

A guide to successful child rearing that combines research and clinical experience and explains how to shift focus to a parenting style that promotes academic success, a sense of purpose, and meaning in life.

Cybersafe : protecting and empowering kids in the digital world of texting, gaming, and social media.

A guide to the digital world designed to help parents learn the best methods for protecting their children from dangers such as cyber-bullying, identity theft, sexual predators, and sharing too much personal information, with tips on the best ways to help children learn how to protect themselves while gaming, texting, using social networking sites, and browsing the Web.

My child is sick! : expert advice for managing common illnesses and injuries.

A guide for parents to fifty common ailments and symptoms that a child can experience, providing charts to help decide when to call the doctor and when it is safe to treat at home, and discussing symptoms that affect the head, brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, throat, chest, breathing, abdomen, skin, and more.

Practical wisdom for parents : raising self-confident children in the preschool years.

A practical guide that helps parents and caregivers navigate nursery school life both at home and in the classroom; and addresses such issues as separation anxiety, developing social skills, transitioning to kindergarten, discipline, and helping children to become independent.

The whole-brain child : 12 revolutionary strategies to nurture your child's developing mind.

Explores child behavior as it relates to brain development, including parenting strategies to help cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development.

Parenting without power struggles : raising joyful, resilient kids while staying cool, calm and connected.

Explains how parents can avoid common power struggles by developing a deeper connection with their children and learning how to take control of the parent-child relationship and learn how to take charge in stressful situation, prevent battles, and encourage their children to resist negative thinking and peer pressure.