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Aquatic Laboratory

Aquatic, Wet Laboratory & Pond

The Aquatics Laboratory and Eco-Pond at the main entrance provide an interactive learning experience for all students, families, faculty and visitors. Holding over six-thousand gallons of water, the aquariums and terrariums house many varieties of aquatic and marine organisms and plants. While at ESM, students will have opportunities to maintain tanks, terrariums and care for the organisms they hold. Five large tanks that represent local habitats and ecosystems such as the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound are viewable from the hallway through large windows. 

Examples of organisms that can be found in and around the Aquatics lab include: frogs, toads, crayfish, crab, trout, bass, minnows, and turtles. Through experimentation and observations students will develop an appreciation for flora and fauna, both local and exotic. The Aquatics Lab supports science standards with unique learning opportunities to explore topics such as adaptations, form and function, the senses, life cycles, ecosystems, and human impact on the environment. Students can also use the Aquatics Lab for independent studies under the supervision and guidance of the aquatics resident scientist.